EuroSciPy 2022

Just a little blog post about what I see and what I do in EuroSciPy 2022

Day 1 - Arriving Basel, tutorial day 1

After a long trip from London, I finally arriving Basel. Arrived just in time for lunch on the first tutorial day. After chatting with the organizers, who are very nice and welcoming. I greet my friends who also just arrived. During lunch, I also chat with the Scikit Learn maintainers who lived in France.

After lunch, I join the tutorial by the SciKit Learn team: Evaluating your machine learning models which is very informative and is showing an academic approach to measuring and comparing models with “better” metrics.

Next is a tutorial about ASR Introduction to Audio & Speech Recognition it’s fun but the workshop requires some prior knowledge and seems not all audiences are so there are a lot of questions and the tutorial quickly runs out of time. The material is very detailed though. It may be worth going through them when have time.

In the evening, a big group of us had a drink and food near the river, which is very relaxing.

Day 2 - Tutorial day 2

In the morning we have tutorial by my colleague Valerio about PyTouch, it has been a while since I do any deep learning thing so it is interesting to know PyTouch is getting more popular now.

Then I spend some time finalizing my demo and presentation.

After lunch, we had a walk and have ice cream. I usually bookmark ice cream places that I like and it’s coming in handy now.

In the afternoon I took a break from the tutorials and caught up with some work and meetings.

Colleague Jannis from the Conda team join us for the evening and we talk a lot, including about what community work we can do.

Day 3 - Conference day 1

We have two very interesting keynotes in the morning, especially the one by Emmanuelle Gouillart about scikit image in plotly. You can auto annotate tumours by squiggling on the picture. I got inspired by this talk a lot and have a new idea of what I can try next (which I am not telling yet)

Then there is the conda-forge talk by 3 speakers from different companies, Jannis is one of them.

At lunch there is a Pyladies lunch, we all sit together with many ladies including the organisers of PyLadies Paris and PyLadies Berlin. We also talked about what we did recently that we feel happy about and everyone is just so amazing!

After lunch, there are a lot of talks about various libraries, including updates and technical stuff. I spent some time catching up on some work.

In the evening it is the social event! It’s a bit far from the city centre and we all have a good time.

Day 4 - Conference day 2

The last conference day started with the interesting keynote about data privacy by Kathrine Jarmul. Then again there are talks. Some of them are more academic-focused.

After lunch there is a lineup of talks about running Python in browsers: Presentation about Pyodide, JupyterLite and PyScript (my talk). I think we are in an era where we are going through a revolution!

In the evening we have networking drinks at Klara, and some people join us after swimming in the river. I am so jealous and wish I can do that too one day.

Day 5 - Sprint days

As someone who loves open-source and believes the best part of the conference is the sprint, I of cause stay for the sprint. I am quite surprised to see there are so many people thinking the same - we have two rooms full of sprinters contributing to various open-source projects.

After having a career as a Data Scientist and Developer Advocate, Cheuk dedicated her work to the open-source community and working as a community manager at OpenSSF. She has co-founded Humble Data, a beginner Python workshop that has been happening around the world. She has served the EuroPython Society board for two years and is now a fellow and director of the Python Software Foundation.