How to play Speakeasy

This is a warm-up game, we will not judge you, the idea is to have fun.

Choose from one of the personas below:

  • Shelockhomes
  • Cleopatra
  • Queen Victoria
  • Aristotle
  • Dark Vader
  • Wonder Women
  • (or any of your favourite fictional characters)

Imagine you are the reincarnation of him/ her. You keep your physical appearances, voice, and accents but now have their personalities.

You enter a Speakeasy (Breakout group) and meet the other person. You two know each other but not very well, after ordering a drink (no actual alcohol involved), you start a small talk. Pick one of the topics below:

  • The dinner last night
  • The last movie that you watched in the movie theatre
  • Favourite sport
  • Least favourite subject at school
  • Best birthday gifts
  • Worse party ever
  • (or anything really)

Start by asking each other questions, since you are now not “you” but the reincarnation of the persona you have chosen, you do not have to tell the truth. Pay attention to what the other people say and try to ask follow-up questions.

Please be reminded that even if you are now a reincarnation of the persona, you still have to follow the code of conduct. Be respectful, be considerate, and stay open-minded and curious about the other person. This is a game, we are not here to judge.