Mid Meet Py - Ep.2

PyCon US go online! Subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch all the talks

PyLadies also has YouTube Channel, Sign up for membership

Python Ireland’s 1st meetUp is tonight talking about App Performance Monitoring in Python.

PyCon Australia and PyCon Africa are also going online, details to be announced.

Scikit-image join NUMFocus!

PyPI Highlight:

Foxdot - Make music with Python - https://foxdot.org/

FastAPI - a high-performance framework, easy to learn, and fast to code - https://fastapi.tiangolo.com

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After having a career as a Data Scientist and Developer Advocate, Cheuk dedicated her work to the open-source community. She has co-founded Humble Data, a beginner Python workshop that has been happening around the world. She has served the EuroPython Society board for two years and is now a fellow and director of the Python Software Foundation.