From Shakespeare to Trump - AI that Talks with Attitude

One main application of AI (artificial intelligence) is in NLP (natural language processing) which allows the machine to understand neutral languages and learn a lot from the context of texts. With tools like Keras (using Tensorflow as backend) we can build a neutral network with only 3 layers (Embedding, LSTM, Softmax output) in order to “teach” a machine to generate articles, plays or speeches in the style of the training corpus and have lots of fun. Will it be like a Shakespearean actor in one instance and talk like Trump in another? How well is the AI against human in writings now and in the future? How creative could an AI be?

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After having a career in data science, Cheuk now brings her knowledge in data and passion for the tech community as the developer advocate. Cheuk constantly contributes to the open-source community by giving free talks and tutorials and organize sprints to encourage diversity contributions.