Web Surgery - Ep.4 - Start of the Animal Crossing Item Wishlist Website

This episode is the start of our Animal Crossing Item Wishlist Website project. I started to copy my website and change it so anyone can have their own item wishlist. Within 1 hour we have changed some of the components in Jekyll templates to suit our need. We will continue next week.

We will be using the pictures and information on Animal Crossing Fandom wiki page - list of all funitures.

The code is work in progress but if you want to check it out, it will be uploaded and updated in this repo

I am thinking about doing 1.5 hours starting next week so we can get this project done quicker. Please leave any comments and thoughts in the panels of my Twitch channel make sure to follow me to catch me live on more coding and Python contents.

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After having a career as a Data Scientist and Developer Advocate, Cheuk dedicated her work to the open-source community. She has co-founded Humble Data, a beginner Python workshop that has been happening around the world. She has served the EuroPython Society board for two years and is now a fellow and director of the Python Software Foundation.