Python Zero to Hero - Ep.17 - Python docs

To make code usable we have to ensure users and developers know what the code is doing. We can add comments to explain thing but it’s still limited. That’s why we need to write docstrings in Python and with a bit of magic (a.k.a Sphinx) we can make the docstrings into a documentation website. If you have any questions or any suggestions about which Python topics to cover, please leave your comment at my Twitch channel

You can get the slide deck here and the example code and homework form GitHub here. Ask questions at my Twitch channel

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After having a career as a Data Scientist and Developer Advocate, Cheuk dedicated her work to the open-source community. She has co-founded Humble Data, a beginner Python workshop that has been happening around the world. She has served the EuroPython Society board for two years and is now a fellow and director of the Python Software Foundation.